I’m currently working as an Engineering Manager at SoundCloud where I’m leading a diverse team.

As a music and podcast fan being able to use my Software Engineering skills and experience for a company like SoundCloud that supports creators by letting them connect with fans directly, allowing them to make money and distribute to other music services is very rewarding.

My aim as an Engineering Manager is to create an environment and conditions so the team can do its best work. This includes making sure there is trust, creating clarity, listening, supporting and growing the team and the individuals and making sure the team is empowered to make decisions and drive change.

I have experience with hiring and onboarding team members. I helped growing careers, assisted moving people into the job of their choice, dealt with conflicts and helped getting teams through organisational changes.

Before stepping into the Engineering Manager role I worked as a Software Engineer and Software Architect for many years but I believe that at this point in my career I can bring more value as an Engineering Manager. For more details about my career path, see LinkedIn.

My most impactful publicly available work is probably a Java library called Brave. Brave is a Distributed Tracing library. It became part of OpenZipkin in 2015 and is integrated in the Spring framework as part of Spring Cloud Sleuth.


I like swimming, cooking, listening to music, reading, meeting friends for lunch or dinner, walking or resting in nature.

Several occurrences in recent years like my move to Berlin, Germany in 2014, the ‘refugee crisis’, brexit, the election of Trump and The Age of Sustainable Development Coursera course has made me more conscious about the need for a more inclusive, compassionate and sustainable future with respect for our planetary boundaries.

That’s why I’m interested in joining organisations and teams that contribute to reaching one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals or work in the field of Social Innovation. Having a positive impact is really important for me and there is a lot we can do to make a better and more sustainable future for all of us.